Fred is a true expert within his field. The knowledge and wisdom he has shared has been immeasurable to the growth of our company and me personally. I truly appreciate his down to earth approach and keeping it simple and to the point. Thank you Fred for all that you do for this community.

Craig Nelson
Plant Manager/Cheesemaker

Rogue Creamery


I have utilized Holloway HR Consulting’s services with two different companies over the past ten years and highly recommend them to provide thoughtful and practical solutions on a wide range of organizational issues.

Fred’s advice and recommendations, including any pitfalls that may occur, has proved invaluable in many instances when dealing with our nearly 50 employees. Holloway HR Consulting also helped greatly with the writing of our Employee Handbook.

Fred has helped us build and improve our team over the years with recruiting and staffing, organizational and team development, coaching, performance reviews and performance management, with great success.

He is able to handle difficult employee issues, including terminations when warranted, succinctly, legally and professionally. Terminations are difficult under most circumstances and Fred makes a tough situation extremely professional and less stressful to handle.

I highly recommend Holloway HR Consulting without hesitation.

Bob Longo, Executive VP & CFO
Desert Lake Technologies
Klamath Falls, OR

Desert Lake Technologies