Do you have an outdated — or no employee handbook?

Many laws have changed — If you haven’t updated your employee handbook within the past year – it may be out of date. 

  •  As the laws and your policies and procedures change, your handbook needs to reflect those changes.
  • With an up to date employee handbook an employer is able to clearly define the policies, procedures and expectations for employees.
  • Administering workplace practices fairly and consistently helps reduce allegations of unfair treatment.
  • Oftentimes handbooks give away too much authority.  For example, handbooks often use stepped discipline or require “cause” in order to terminate an employee.  An employee handbook should reinforce and not reduce the “employment at will” rules of your workplace.

 Employees want to know what your work rules are, so tell them!

  A well crafted employee handbook is a valuable reference tool that articulates how you choose do business and interact with your employees.


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